Four Decades of Quality and Integrity

Our Coaches

Charlene Knudsen


Charlene is the president and co-founder of Markham Gymnastics Club, which has been operating for over 30 years. She is also the creator of the Gym for Life Program. She has an honours degree in physical education and psychology. She is a certified level 4 coach.

As well as having coached for many years at Markham Gymnastics Club, she has 6 years experience teaching physical and health education in private schools in the Richmond Hill and Markham areas.

Charlene has coached several Ontario teams into international competition, and was coach of the 1992 National Open Champion.

Her philosophy is to develop future strong, self-confident leaders and to challenge every child to be the best they can be.

Under Charlene’s leadership, every child matters at the Markham Gymnastics Club. All are treated equally with respect and care. She feels that gymnastics is the basis for all sport and should be taught to all children for physical preparation . There are tremendous cross-training benefits to all sports.

Paul Knudsen

Paul is co-founder of Markham Gymnastics Club, as well as Brampton Gym, Steeles West Gym and Skyriders Trampoline Place. He has been the business manager for the Markham Gymnastics Club for over 30 years.

Paul is a fully certified level 2 coach in gymnastics and trampoline. He has coached various levels of gymnastics classes, and his students all enjoy the rewarding learning environment that he provides – looking forward to each of their classes and the new skills that they can learn and practice under his careful, positive leadership.

Paul feels it is important to provide a safe environment where all children are treated equally with honesty and respect.

Dragi Stojkovski

dragiPosition: Head Coach, Boys’ Competitive Gymnastics

Qualifications: fully certified level 3 gymnastics, level 2 trampoline, level 1 track & field

Philosophy: Gymnastics is the basis of all movement and sports. Coaches should never forget that they are in the gym for the gymnasts, and not the other way around.

Brad Schreiber

bradPosition: Coach, competitive gymnastics

Qualifications: NCCP certified Level 3 mens and womens gymnastics, NCCP Level 2 trampoline, Risk Management Certified

Philosophy: Fundamentals, Fitness and Fun – Fundamentals come first. Without a solid base nothing can be built. Fitness is the result of your hard work and dedication. Fun.  If you’re not having fun doing the first two, change your interpretation of the word.

Simone Senior

simonePosition: Gymnastics Coach, Provincial level athletes

Qualifications: level 2 gymnastics

Philosophy: Gymnastics should be a fun and enjoyable sport, but it requires focus and determination. You have to want it to succeed and you should have a positive attitude and never give up. Believe in yourself because anything is possible.

Simone Erwin

Picture of Simone ErwinPosition: Coach, gymnastics

Qualifications:  Level 2 certified artistic gymnastics, Level 2 certified trampoline

Philosophy:  Children who grow up doing gymnastics grow into more confident, active adults

Roya Tavangar

Roya-TavangarPosition: Coach, Competitive Gymnastics

Qualifications: NCCP certified level 2 gymnastics, NCCP level 2 trampoline, Managing Conflict /  Leading Drug-free Sport / Psychology of Performance Certified

Philosophy: Gymnastics is not only beneficial for physical gain, but also empowering healthy brain function. As a coach and a school teacher, I have realized that students who participate in gymnastics are able to concentrate and perform better in school.

Judy Singer

judysingerPosition: coach, gymnastics

Qualifications: level 1 gymnastics, rhythmics, special needs, trampoline, level 2 theory.

Philosophy: Gymnastics should be fun and creative while encouraging fitness and safety.

Ashley Speed

ashleyspeedPosition: Coach, Gymnastics and Tumbling

Qualifications: level 1 gymnastics, trampoline.

Philosophy: Gymnastics is an all-round sport that isn’t easy. If you have a talent, use it wisely. Try your best and never give up. If you set your mind to achieving a goal, it can happen.

Marcus Sorrell

Position: Gymnastics Coach, Recreational athletes

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Constance Martineau

Position: Gymnastics Coach, Provincial Competitive athletes

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Nikki Dyakov

Position: Gymnastics Coach, Recreational athletes and Provincial Invitational Competitive athletes

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David Piluso

Position: Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling Coach

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Lindsay Solmon

Position: Coach, Provincial Pre-Competitive Tumbling and Gymnastics

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Luna Erwin

Position: Coach, Recreational Gymnastics

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